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Training and Support

Christian Brothers franchisees are surrounded by experts who know how to start an auto repair business

We help newcomers to the industry understand how to start an auto repair business with extensive training and support.

One of the key things that sets Christian Brothers apart from other automotive service franchises is that most of our franchisees don’t have an automotive background. We want franchisees to be able to see the business from a customer’s perspective, and we don’t want to be like other auto repair shops who may be great on repairs but weak on overall customer experience. We want our stores to be clean, friendly, professional, convenient and — most of all — caring and compassionate. We look for franchisees who share our values, and we have developed robust training and support to help them master how to start an auto repair business.

Christian Brothers Automotive has opened more than 150 locations and has never closed a single shop. Here’s how we get people like you up to speed:

Extensive training

Franchisees receive over 275 hours of training focused on leadership and business management, organization and computer software, customer service, automotive systems, bookkeeping and human resources, marketing, operations and sales. Eighty-five hours of training will take place at Christian Brothers’ corporate headquarters in Houston before store opening, with 100 hours of on the job training with a successful franchisee in their business, 75 hours of training provided onsite at your new business and 18 hours of follow-up training provided at headquarters once the franchise business has operated for 8 to 14 months. We teach you more than how to start an auto repair business — we teach you how to make your business thrive.

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect:

Technical training: Once a franchise agreement has been signed, Christian Brothers immediately provides access to training materials and online courses that will help you expand your understanding of automotive systems, maintenance and common problems. The goal is not to turn you into an expert technician — you’ll have expert technicians working for you, so you don’t need to fill CBA161that role. Instead, the goal is to give you enough understanding to be able to communicate effectively with customers.

Customer service training: Christian Brothers Automotive customers enjoy a very different experience than they’re probably used to from other auto repair shops. They walk into a gorgeous lobby and are immediately greeted, offered a drink and asked about what brought them in. The franchisee and service managers don’t rush customers for answers, and they always ask permission before providing any service: If you have a moment, do you mind if I get some information from you? Would you like a courtesy inspection of your vehicle? How can I help? We teach franchisees and service managers how to put customers at ease, how to explain any problems found with their car and how to turn people who are skeptical of repair shops into advocates for Christian Brothers.


How does a franchisee hire the right people if the franchisee isn’t an automotive expert? Good question. That’s why Christian Brothers sends its own automotive expert to your shop to help with the hiring process. Assembling a team of top-notch auto technicians is imperative for your success — and for ours. We continue to assist franchisees with hires until the franchisee is confident and ready to take over the process.


Christian Brothers’ financial software allows the headquarters team to monitor the financial health of your business and provide coaching to help you maximize profits and grow your business. Franchisees don’t pay anything to headquarters until the business starts generating profits. That’s a nice difference — most franchises take a cut of gross revenues, which allows them to profit even when a franchisee is struggling. We tie our success firmly to yours. If you’re not making money, we’re not either, so we have every financial incentive to offer world-class support.

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