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What are the Qualifications?

What we look for in potential franchise partners

Christian Brothers has succeeded by partnering with outgoing people who love to serve customers and make a difference in people’s lives. While auto repair is the industry we are in, our focus is on people and how we can help them when they are facing a challenge, and we welcome any qualified candidates who are looking for Christian business ideas.

During the franchise application process, we’ll want you to ask us a lot of questions, and we’ll have a lot of questions for you, too. That’s because we want everyone who is part of Christian Brothers to truly believe in our mission, and we want people who will find not just success by running the business, but fulfillment, too.

Christian Brothers has put our core values at the center of the way we operate our automotive repair franchise.

Christian Brothers has put our core values at the center of the way we operate our automotive repair franchise.

There are several attributes we seek in our franchise partners, and the first one is faith in Christ and a desire to run a company that honors Christ’s instruction to “love your neighbor as yourself.” While we don’t push our religion on our customers, we don’t hide it either. We pride ourselves on having a company where owners and employees know they can bring their Christian values with them to work and live those values through the way they treat customers.

We also look for franchise partners who believe in giving back. We look for people who live below their means, save their money and are charitable. The savings needed to start a Christian Brothers Automotive business are modest for the industry — just $75,000 in liquid assets and $200,000 in net worth — and we look for people who will use their business to support their community as well as themselves.

We look for people who have experience leading a team of people. You don’t have to be an auto mechanic to run a Christian Brothers Automotive, but it is important to have good management skills to ensure your team is as strong as possible.

It is helpful to have sales or retail customer service experience. To enjoy the most success in your business, it helps to know how to “wow” a customer and how to present information in a way that helps customers understand issues and make informed decisions about services.

People looking for Christian business ideas tend to love working closely with guests, like this technician in the service bay.

You should be a self-starter. While Christian Brothers will give you a lot of training, tools and support, it’s up to you to grasp those tools and use them to grow your business. As Christian Brothers continues to improve its systems, you also need to be someone who is ready to learn new things and new ways of growing your business.

You need to be calm and confident. Customers are often in less than a great mood when seeking auto repair service. Remember, people are typically having a very bad day when they bring their car in for repair. You should be able to calmly and confidently answer questions and resolve problems for the customer. The same thing applies for employees. Employees will need to be coached and sometimes corrected, and you need to be willing to step in when you see an employee doing something that might hurt the customer experience or the morale of other employees. Calm confidence generates respect, and we want franchise partners who are respected by their team. We want servant leaders.

Do you match every description? If the answer is no, that’s OK. We’re not looking for perfect people, just people who are looking for Christian business ideas, recognize the importance of these values and are willing to work hard to adhere to them.

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