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What Experience Do I Need when Starting an Auto Repair Business?

Industry experience helpful but not necessary when starting an auto repair business

You do not need industry experience to be successful when starting an auto repair business with Christian Brothers Automotive. In fact, only about 10% of Christian Brothers Automotive owners have a background in the automotive industry. The rest follow in the footsteps of CEO and founder Mark Carr, who also lacked an automotive background when he partnered with a talented technician to start the first Christian Brothers location in 1982. What Mark and our franchisees do have is empathy for customers, and a desire to ensure that they receive the best, most courteous and most professional service.

Hiring well-qualified technicians will help those new to the industry when starting an auto repair business.

Christian Brothers employees

“I had no knowledge of cars when I got into this,” says Brad Fink, who operates a Houston-area location and has been a with Christian Brothers for over six years. “I think that was a huge benefit for me.”

That’s because Brad and many franchisees are used to approaching automotive repair from a customer’s perspective. Owners don’t need to perform oil changes, repair brakes or fix transmissions — they manage the business and supervise those who do.

While auto repair is the industry in which we operate, our core mission is to comfort our customers and help them in their lives. We act out our faith by working hard to provide an exceptional customer experience. Like Jesus said in James 2:17, “Faith without works is dead.”

Part of our franchisee training is focused on learning the automotive side of the business, but that’s to give you some basic knowledge for starting an auto repair business, not to make you a master mechanic.


“Some experience managing people is important,” says Chip Fenner, who owns a location in Houston. “Christian Brothers does a great job providing training and assisting with hiring for new franchisees.”

Christian Brothers helps franchisees hire service managers and technicians — great people who have the expertise to deliver outstanding auto repair. We respect the high level of training and expertise possessed by our technicians, we give them a clean, nice place to work, we pay them well, we invest in training for them, and we give them weekends off — all of which helps us recruit and retain excellent workers.

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