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One of the Best Franchises for Veterans

The best performing franchise according to USAA

What are the best franchises for veterans? That’s a question that USAA Magazine worked to answer in 2012. The magazine, which is devoted to providing sound personal financial information to military service members and veterans, rated Christian Brothers Automotive the Best Performing Franchise, based on the fact that Christian Brothers has never closed a shop, has never defaulted on an SBA loan and has one of the highest franchisee satisfaction scores according to Franchise Business Review. Think about how rare that is. Some large franchises close more stores in a year than we have opened.

USAA Magazine names Christian Brothers number one on a list of the 10 best franchises for veterans

Christian Brothers was named Best Performing Veteran Franchise by USAA Magazine

Retired Colonel Jud Cook, the former head of engineering for U.S. Central Command (“CentCom”), who oversaw construction projects throughout the Middle East, came to the same conclusion while researching franchises for veterans. Cook is a self-described “car nut” who started researching automotive franchises when he knew he would be retiring in January 2013. He soon discovered Christian Brothers.

“I’m very interested in cars,” Cook says. “There is probably not a car repair show that comes on that I don’t try to catch. Also, my research indicated that auto repair is a very resilient business and continues to be something that everybody needs. They’re keeping cars longer, the cars are older and they need more repairs. When the economy improves, more people will buy new cars, which will mean more cars on the road that will need repairs. So, in addition to Christian Brothers being a Godly choice because of their values, it’s a choice that is economically advantageous.”

A veteran franchise owner stands in front of his Christian Brothers, which has been named one of the best franchises for veterans

After a 29-year military career in which the family moved 17 times, Cook and his wife, Jenny, were ready to set down deep roots in the community and become a positive Christian influence in people’s lives.

Jenny said Christian Brothers’ commitment to faith and values shone through during their visit to Houston for Discovery Day.

“The bottom line, as much as everyone wants to make a good living, that wasn’t the be-all and end-all,” she said. “Researching other companies, you got the feeling that was their be-all and end-all. Christian Brothers is looking for partners who can grow with the company and want to do things the right way. During Discovery Day I felt everyone was interested in knowing who we are and why we wanted to do this. It felt as though God had prepared a place for us.”

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