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What Makes a Good Car Repair Franchise Location?

Why the right location makes a world of difference

Christian Brothers looks for car repair franchise locations that have excellent access from the roadway, great visibility, local traffic and the right demographics.

Courtesy Shuttle parked in front of Christian Brothers car repair franchise

CEO Mark Carr has selected locations since Store No. 1 and continues to work with our in house real estate department to select future sites based on their expertise. Finding a great location creates the market potential, and our outstanding business model actualizes that potential.

Car repair franchise employee in service bayStudying data to find best car repair franchise locations

When Christian Brothers studies new locations in a market, our real estate department will study demographic data, using national databases to identify areas that have large clusters of likely customers. Once potential neighborhoods have been identified, a member of Christian Brothers’ real estate team flies into the city and drives every major thoroughfare in target areas in order to understand traffic patterns — whether traffic is mostly local or commuter, and how light signals and medians affect the way customers approach different commercial spaces. It’s not uncommon for us to drive 2,000 miles or more in a week as we study traffic patterns.

Boots on the ground, eyes in the sky

Once our real estate department has narrowed down the potential sites to a dozen or fewer choices, they return and charter a helicopter to study potential sites from up high. By combining high-tech databases with boots-on-the-ground intelligence, the real estate department is able to recommend sites that are primed for success to franchisees.

Christian Brothers car repair franchise under constructionHow committed to successful sites is Christian Brothers? We’ve taken a pass on some markets where qualified candidates were interested in opening a Christian Brothers, because we want to be absolutely sure that we are setting up our franchisees to succeed.

“We’re trying not just to pick the best site for today — we’re trying to pick the best site for 20 years from now,” Mark says. “If we can’t find a great site, we’d rather have the small disappointment up front than a big disappointment later.”

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