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How Long Does It Take to Open a Store?

Timeline for starting a car repair business in a new location

Here is a development timeline for starting a car repair business with Christian Brothers:

Site Selection and Construction Timeline for starting a car repair business: Demographic research (1-5 days); Site tour (5-30 days); Aerial tour (30-60 days); Letter of Intent negotiations (60-90 days); Due diligence and lease negotiations (90-180 days); Permitting and building phase (90-365 days)

Christian Brothers works hard to select the best site for franchise businesses, negotiates carefully for the price of the land in order to hold down costs for itself and franchisees, and then custom-builds gorgeous buildings that make an excellent first impression on customers and also allow franchisees to provide service efficiently and profitably.

Because of the diligence, it typically takes 18-24 months to open a Christian Brothers Automotive location. That’s longer than some people want to wait when starting a car repair business, but our director of training, David Domine, puts it well: “We trade time for money. For instance, if we find a perfect location for your business but the landowner wants to sell it for 50% more than we want to pay, we take the time to negotiate. We don’t want to put a franchisee in an inferior location, but we also don’t want them to lose out on years of profits because the property cost was excessive, which would translate into a higher lease.”

Open service bay doors show a busy Christian Brothers location full of vehicles

The time is also put to good use. Franchisees begin their training with online courses developed by Christian Brothers to familiarize themselves with the business and the industry.

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