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What Does a Christian Automotive Repair Franchise Look Like?

The people in a business and the way it operates make the difference

Our Christian automotive repair franchise is defined by its approach to customers and employees, and the way in which it seeks to honor Christ by providing loving service to the community.

Customers appreciate our faith-based approach to business, but we don’t force it on them. You won’t see crosses or a fish in our advertising. We prefer to let our actions speak for themselves. Our automotive repair franchise owners do express their faith by offering a stack of free Bibles in their lobbies, and some also offer prayer journals for customers, but we don’t bludgeon our guests with our faith. Instead, we hope that customers find Christ’s love through the way we relate to them as people whose problems we solve, and whose anxieties we salve.

Technician and guest discuss a vehicle at automotive repair franchise

“When dealing with customers, you look and see Jesus there and ask yourself what he would do in this situation,” says Chip Fenner, who owns a Christian Brothers location in Houston. “How would you treat your mom? You’d take care of her the right way. That kind of thinking is really what guides us, and we trust God for the results.”

One of the things that makes us different is our complimentary shuttle service, which ensures that even if a customer needs service or repairs, they can still get where they need to go. It’s a great convenience to our customers, but it’s a lot more. While giving customers a ride to work, our franchise owners can talk with them and get to know them. Often, customers will open up with details about their lives, and we’ll pray with them in the car.

The shuttle service is important to customers for another reason. Most auto repair facilities are open on Saturday, and some are even open on Sunday, to handle repairs for people who don’t have time to bring their cars into the shop Monday-Friday. Often, customers will start having car trouble on Monday or Tuesday and will cross their fingers that their car will limp through the workweek so they can go to a shop that is open on Saturday. Our shuttle service means that customers never have to gamble on whether their car will still be drivable by the end of the week.

And the shuttle service is just as important for our automotive repair franchise owners and employees. By taking the hassle out of bringing your car in for repair when it needs it, Christian Brothers is able to serve customers Monday-Friday, then close on the weekends. A Monday-Friday schedule in the automotive repair business is extremely rare, and it allows our owners and their employees to enjoy the weekends with their families, to recharge and to worship.

“When I was running my first store, when we used to be open on Saturdays, I saw divorces; people burned out. They’re working under these cars and it’s hard work, and I decided, I’m going to trust that I can shut it down on Saturdays for all the right reasons,” CEO Mark Carr says. “I saw happier people, and I saw morale jump really high. Our business dropped a little bit for maybe a month, but it came right back again. We look at ourselves a little like Chick-fil-A. You see how busy they are and how courteous they are, and the food is awesome. You know they could get a ton of business on a Sunday, but they trust that their customers will come back on Monday.”

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