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Christian Brothers Franchise Reviews

Interviews with our actual Franchise Owners

Our franchisees’ high level of satisfaction with Christian Brothers is crucial to providing a great experience for our guests. See below for Christian Brothers franchise reviews from actual franchisees:

“I just read a management book by Jim Collins, ‘Good to Great,’ and he gives an analogy about the importance of not only having the right people on the bus, but making sure they’re all sitting in the right seat. Christian Brothers does that. I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen. We’ve met trainers when they’ve come out to the other stores in the Tampa area, and they are always very professional and obviously know what they’re doing and what pitfalls franchisees need to look out for. There’s probably not a lot they haven’t seen.”

Retired Army Col. Jud Cook. He and his wife Jenny own a store in Riverview, FL.

“A lot of our technicians love the job because they get to work for someone who is ethical and honest. Christian Brothers’ mission attracts them. These are very knowledgeable guys who are really proud of their work, and when we bring a customer into the garage to explain a repair to them, and they get to see the customer who they are helping, it makes a difference. Plus, we really are a family. I know everybody’s likes and dislikes. And since we’re closed on Saturdays, they get to spend important time with their families. And we really try to leave at 6 at night and get home to families during the week, too.”
Amy Stehr, who owns a store in Rockwall, TX, with her husband Mark

“Once a year, every fall, we do a single moms oil change day. We work with local churches to find people who need it. We don’t advertise it or broadcast it to the masses. It’s an awesome experience that our staff thoroughly enjoys. A lot of places, if you ask people who don’t work weekends to come in and work Saturday, it would be like pulling teeth. But this is something people love. That kind of heart, that kind of mindset, separates us from our competitors. We don’t advertise it because we don’t want to brag about it to the community. Half of the time when we do this, people stop by and ask if we’re open Saturdays now, and we tell them no and explain what we’re doing. And they really appreciate it. That’s one of the things I love about this company.”
Brad Fink, who operates a Christian Brothers in the Houston area with his wife Kasey.

“There are so many little things we do to let people know, ‘Hey, I’m trying to help you out.’ For instance, we’ll go out and jump start cars so customers don’t have to have their cars towed in, which saves them money, and our National Service Day for single moms is one of my guys’ favorite days of the year. We donate oil changes to single mothers and inspect their vehicles to make sure they’re safe and will be reliable for them. We do it for free, including the technicians, and the guys love it. The first year we did it, there was a little bit of skepticism, but now they look forward to it. They saw the condition of some of these cars women and their children were relying on and they rallied together. They turn into a NASCAR pit crew. We also bring in breakfast for the families that come in for the service. We’re blessed by it way more than those moms are.”
Matt Rucks, who owns a store in Hendersonville, TN, with his wife, Lee. Christian Brothers locations nationwide take part in a National Service Day each October, offering free oil changes and other services to single parents and widows. Local churches help connect franchisees with those in need.

“They believe in treating others the way they would want to be treated, and it shows in the way they deal with folks. They have a lot of honesty and integrity, and that extends not only to the way they treat customers, but the way they treat franchisees and the way that employees are treated, too.”
Blair Jordan, who owns a store in Spring, TX.

“We are answering to our savior on everything we do. Mark Carr said to me from the beginning, you look in the chair when you’re dealing with customers, and you see Jesus there, and ask what would be the right thing to do. How would you treat that customer if it was your mom, or your grandmother? You’d take care of them the right way. That’s really what we fall on, and we trust God for the results.”
Chip Fenner, who has owned his store in Houston for 15 years, and was previously the budget director for the Houston Independent School District.

“It’s not God over there and job over here. God is in everything. I appreciate being able to go into a business where that is embraced.”
Jade Stanford, who owns a store in Concord, N.C.

“How great is the need for a business like this in automotive industry? It’s huge? People don’t understand auto repair, and they need someone dependable they can trust, someone who will tell them truth.”
Jeff Toth, who owns two locations near Houston.

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