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How is Christian Brothers Different than its Competitors?

Why we strive to be a light in the industry

When we ask our customers all over the country what makes Christian Brothers Automotive different, they consistently use one word to define the experience: “nice.”

“At the end of the day, if people need brake pads or a new engine belt, they have a lot of different options,” says Brad Fink, who operates a Christian Brothers in Houston. “Honesty and integrity set us apart. In this business, the vast majority of people who bring their car in don’t know how everything works. They just rely on it to work, and when there’s a problem, they want to go somewhere where people have not only the skills and knowledge to make the right repairs, but also they care about and are empathetic to the customer’s situation. We develop trust by offering a nice experience. Do you have errands you need to run? Do you need a ride to work or help picking up your kids?”

A technician demonstrates the skill and care that sets us apart from Christian Brothers competition“We also develop trust by offering ethical service. I have a lot of employees who have been in business for years and worked for other companies, and I know that the honesty and integrity that we offer in terms of the services we offer and the repairs we recommend are very different, so we only sell them services they need. At the same time, we have highly trained, experienced technicians who can spot problems that might be missed elsewhere. We don’t want a customer to come in for a repair only to have another problem creep up a week later. We want to keep their car running.”

“When you do have to go without your car for a day, we offer a shuttle car that is clean, and we’ll take you wherever you need to go. It’s never convenient to be without your vehicle. Whatever we can do to make it more convenient, we’re going to do. And providing great service doesn’t require limitless funds. Courtesy and empathy go a long, long way.”

The “nice difference” includes a gorgeous, solid brick building, a lobby that is reminiscent of an upscale hotel, and comfortable furniture. The bathroom is clean — just the way you’d want it for a guest at your home — and even the repair bays are impeccable.

Our staff is friendly, helpful and are genuinely interested in the needs of customers. When a guest comes into Christian Brothers, they are immediately greeted, asked what brought them in and offered something to drink. We ask if we can give the car a brief inspection to spot any other potential issues that they may want to address, explain any recommended repairs and invite them into the shop where they can see exactly why certain services are recommended. Our goal is to partner with customers to help them keep their vehicles safe and well-maintained.

We also do everything we can to minimize disruptions in our customers’ lives. Our complimentary shuttle car, which is often driven by the franchise owner, helps customers keep their day on track even in the face of car trouble.

Christian Brothers has thrived by focusing on customer satisfaction. That’s the business that we are in. We just happen to fix cars.

The “nice difference” isn’t just reserved for our customers, though. We’re also a business that respects the importance of faith and family. At Christian Brothers, you are free to express your faith with your customers. It’s not something that we thrust upon customers, but it’s not something we hide, either. After all, “Christian” is part of our name, and some franchisees even offer free Bibles in their lobbies. Our customers often come to us in the middle of a difficult day, and as they begin to trust us and open up to us, we often have opportunities to pray, minister and offer fellowship. Christian Brothers also developed its Monday-Friday business model so that franchise owners and their employees can enjoy time with their families and at worship on the weekend.

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