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How Big is the Auto Repair Industry?

Auto repair industry is enormous, stable

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend more than $500 a year on auto repairs and maintenance. With more than 250 million cars on the road as of 2015, that equates to more than $125 billion in spending for the auto repair industry.

Auto repair industry is enormous thanks to nearly 260 million vehicles on the road in the United States.

The reason is simple: People rely on their cars, so they try to stay on top of routine maintenance. Auto repair industry analysts at IHS Automotive report that the median age of American vehicles hit 11.5 years in 2015, setting an all-time high for the age of cars on the road with two significant contributing factors. One, new cars have become more expensive, so people are delaying purchases. Secondly, thanks to improved manufacturing standards, proper maintenance can allow drivers to keep cars much longer. While 100,000 miles on the odometer was a big number for a 1980 model year vehicle, a 2000 model year can often reach 200,000 miles without too much trouble as long as it receives regular maintenance.

C112Christian Brothers Automotive is a company that drivers trust to help them keep their vehicles safe and in good operating condition. When someone’s car breaks down, we’ll do everything we can to serve them quickly. But breakdowns are a massive disruption in people’s lives. Folks rely on their cars to get to work and tend to their families. Our goal is to provide the ongoing maintenance customers need to prevent breakdowns from occurring in the first place.

Our goal for each of our customers is to not surprise them with big repairs. We help them stay on top of their routine maintenance; we ensure their vehicles are safe; and we spot issues, such as leaky water pumps, that can lead to expensive repairs if left unaddressed.

“The automotive business is sometimes compared to the medical industry, and here’s why: The majority of your clients are not experts in what you’re doing, so there is a tremendous amount of trust involved that you are operating in their best interest,” says Jade Stanford, who managed an auto repair business in Louisiana before moving to North Carolina in 2013 to open his first Christian Brothers. “I believe there is a tremendous demand in the market for people who provide comprehensive, ethical service.”

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