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Christian Brothers Auto Repair Franchise

Christian Brothers auto repair franchise applies Biblical principles to an industry that everyone needs, but few trust

There are more than 250 million cars on the road in the United States, and every one of them needs maintenance and repair. According to IHS Automotive, the average age of a car is almost 11.5 years, and that average is expected to reach nearly 12 years by 2019. IHS also says new car buyers are planning to keep cars more than a decade and drive them in excess of 200,000 miles. It’s a good time to own an auto repair franchise.

Not only do we have 250 million+ cars on the road, we also have the oldest fleet of cars in history. Americans are repairing their old cars in favor of buying new cars, spending spend more than $500 a year per car on maintenance and repairs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012 data). The auto repair business is a safe, recession-resistant business in which the best providers thrive thanks to reliable repeat business.

However, visiting an auto repair shop is an experience that many people dread. The average person worries about being ripped off by some unscrupulous mechanic or being left to wait for hours in a cramped, dirty waiting room, drinking yesterday’s coffee with nothing to read but a three-year-old issue of Motor Trend magazine.

Few auto repair businesses seem to care about the total customer experience.

Christian Brothers Automotive is different. We offer a remarkably different auto service experience than the typical dealership or service station.

98% of Customers surveyed in 2011 said they would return to a Christian Brothers auto repair franchise in the future.

We build our entire system with a servant’s mindset, asking ourselves how we can put customers at ease and treat them with respect.

This is how Christian Brothers’ customers are received: First, they walk into an unexpectedly beautiful environment so they can relax and relieve themselves of the typical stress associated with needing to have their automobile serviced. We offer them a hot or cold beverage while we discuss their auto troubles. We offer honest guidance and only sell customers what they need to keep their car safe and reliable.

Christian Brothers’ customer waiting area and lobby looks more like something you’d expect to see in a nice hotel rather than an auto service shop. We take time to answer questions and concerns. We use our courtesy shuttle to erase the burden of having the car in the shop, giving customers rides to work or helping them pick up their kids.

We provide honest advice, fixing problems fast, and help people stay on top of routine maintenance and head off potential problems. In turn, customers reward us with one of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the industry.

Christian Brothers opened its first store in 1982 and began franchising in 1996. There are now more than 150 auto repair franchise locations nationwide. Best of all, we have never closed a franchise, earning us one of the best reputations in the franchise industry.

For instance, one young female customer wrote, “My experience with Christian Brothers was superb! Not only did they fix my brakes in an efficient manner at a reasonable price, but the customer service was amazing. They even fixed my door handle free of charge after noticing it was loose!”

Vehicle inspection at a Christian Brothers auto repair franchise.Why partner with Christian Brothers?

Any smart business will focus on customer satisfaction, dealing with people in an open, honest and straightforward manner. But running a Christian auto repair franchise means more.

Christian Brothers is a franchise opportunity that respects your faith, your family, and your employees and is focused on spiritual wellbeing — not just the bottom line. That’s why we do something unheard of in the auto repair industry: We close on Saturdays. Almost every other shop is open on Saturdays — some are even open on Sundays, too — and that means owners, managers, sales associates and technicians lose valuable time with their families, their churches and their friends. After the first six months, Christian Brothers businesses are Monday-Friday. Our courtesy shuttle makes the service convenient for customers during regular business hours, and they appreciate that they don’t have to give up part of their Saturdays in order to get their car serviced.

A Christian auto repair franchise is also focused on the success of its partners. That’s why Christian Brothers makes a huge upfront investment in buying land and building the locations for franchisees, which allows people with the right skills and attitudes to get into the business even if they have modest assets. We share the financial risk with our franchise partners and have a unique relationship that sets up our owners to win and gives them the best possible chance to be successful. The level of training, support and quality care that we provide to franchisees is a reflection both of our true partnership and of our Christian values.

Because we purchase the land and pay for the building, it is possible to get into this industry with far less investment than other auto repair franchise options. To keep learning, click on the button below or download our free franchise information report.

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